Golden History

First Staff

First staff members with Miss.Wimala Liyanage

Teachers standing from left to right are,
MissChandra Samarasinghe


The vision of the school is fashioning and turning out physically and mentally healthy Sirimavians with a great sense of duty, well disciplined, well mannered with love for the environment and who will portray our national culture and identity.

The school was inaugurated on 1st of January 1973 as "Stanmore Crescent Primary School" with 5 teachers and 149 students under the able guidance of Miss Wimala Liyanage, the founder principal. From a Primary School, the school was developed to a secondary school and finally to a leading national school within a period of seventeen years.

The devotion and dedication of Miss Wimala Liyanage and the staff, built up the academic elevation and the prestige of the school. After eleven months of deliberation, the then Deputy Minister of Education Mr. B.Y.Tudawe who was highly impressed with the school’s progress suggested to change the name of the school in honor of then Prime Minister Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike who was the first lady Prime Minister of the world. Accordingly, in December 1973, the school was renamed as Sirimavo Bandaranaike Primary Girls School.

After the initial batch of students finished five years of Primary Education, classes had to be extended to provide Secondary Education and in due course classes up to Year 13 were established. Due to the patronage of former principals Miss. Wimala Liyanage (1973-1982), and Mrs. R.M.L. Jayasekera (1982-2000) the status of the school was raised to the level of a National School in 1991. Under the guidance of Miss W.P.N. De Silva (2000-2003) the school’s academic and co-curricular activities were further developed. Mrs. P.M. Kalubowila assumed duties as the principal from 6th of November 2003-2011. Having joined Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya in 1986 as a Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Kalubowila dedicated herself to serve the school in the sphere of educational and co-curricular activities and to upgrade the infra-structure facilities and resources development of the school.

The school has taken giant strides within a short period to enter through the portals of prestige to reach great heights and carve her name in the plaque of achievements as a leading girls’ school in the island. At present the school shelters over 3000 Sirimavians enjoying educational facilities guided by a staff of about 180 teachers devoted to the task of providing knowledge and skills and assisting the pupils in the development of aptitudes and attitudes that are a prerequisite to character building and good citizenship. Around 45 members of the non-academic staff provide valuable service to keep the school mechanism on the move.