The management committee of the School Development Society, elected annually to serve the school in the sphere of educational development of the students, providing materials resources for infra-structure enrichment and curricular related activities. Sponsorship of the five year plan which envisages the total development of the school, so that Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya will emerge as the leading girls' school in the island. Activities in this respect include special educational workshops, seminars, camps, and projects. School Development Society renders a wide service to the sports section and other societies of the school with the intention of strengthening the many facts of Sirimavians and molding pupils with a high social caliber capable of contributing to the maintenance of the prestigious image of the school.

Scholarships and health service projects are launched with the purpose of providing facilities for the needy skillful students and elevation of the status of the daughters of the school.

All activities related to the maintenance of the school and constructions of new buildings are undertaken providing necessary funds.

Steps to ensure the safety and security of the pupils are unfalteringly undertaken by the society.